What Sales Recruitment Consultants Want You to Know about Digital Sales Jobs

With the booming UK tech industry, sales recruitment consultants are in the hunt for the best candidates for digital sales jobs. But even with the huge demand, software sales recruitment is still not easy to please as it is still discerning when it comes to choosing people to hire. This is why it is essential that you make yourself well-informed about these positions before you apply for one:


The digital sales jobs entail a lot of things – from spending several hours over the phone to knowing how to pitch your products.


Every day, you will need to talk to a number of retail buyers and distributors – building relationships and pitching your products. Once you are able to earn their trust, you will meet with them over lunch or dinner. Grab this as an opportunity to sell your products again. But this time, you have to prepare for an effective sales pitch so they will be encouraged to buy. This ability to create a successful sales pitch is what every sales recruitment agency is looking for.


After pitching, you should start negotiating and more important, end up closing the deal. But even after making sales, you should be able to continue your communication and relationships with your clients to make way for repeat business. Yes, digital sales jobs can be this challenging. Are you ready for this?


Sales recruitment consultants look for specific qualities to help them gauge if you are a good fit for digital sales.


You must be confident about yourself and the digital software products that you are selling. You must be good with people and enjoy building harmonious relationships with prospect buyers and dealers. You must also be outgoing – software sales recruitment also expects to see this attribute from you because you will be meeting with several clients, attending networking events and industry trade shows. Any digital sales jobs require that you are passionate about your work and that you are hard working that you will not mind spending long hours attending to your duties and responsibilities to achieve sales.   


You must be money motivated.


When in the sales industry, every sales recruitment agency expects that you have financial goals and that you are high motivated to earn money because these two indicate that you will strive hard to be a high-performing salesperson. Who will not get excited with the prospect of earning up to £30,000 during the first year? If you will be become consistent with your performance, job promotion is not far from reality and that means higher earnings.


It is true: digital sales jobs are not only about your work and sales experiences, and your interest in becoming a part of the digital media industry. These are also about your qualities to become successful in your career and to become an asset for the company that you will be working with. Sales recruitment consultants are specifically trying to discover these attributes during the interview so be prepared.