About us

Saleslogic was founded in late 2006 by Damian Eyre.

Having returned from Australia, he’d had enough of the flash-and-dash style of recruitment and was ready to start a new type of recruitment agency. One with a vision of offering companies a service which is focused on quality candidates, speed of delivery and a focus on building lasting relationships. Saleslogic has been in business for some time now and the foundations were built in largely tough times. This meant the Saleslogic team had to focus hard on customer satisfaction and ensured a focus on quality matches.

The Saleslogic team works hard in developing a working relationship with their clients, to ensure they are giving them first class service in every way they can. They've helped start-ups grow from 5 – 150+ people, and have worked with some of the world’s most established and well-recognized companies to help grow their sales teams. They achieve this through their culture of developing a deep understanding of their clients business, and the skills and characters that will both add to, and complement their existing teams Saleslogic typically send fewer profiles than the industry standard with the aim of saving hiring managers valuable time.

This emphasis on quality has enabled Saleslogic to help some company’s place 50 + people and grow their teams across EMEA.

For more information on Saleslogics services please visit the client page http://saleslogic.co.uk/clients/ and also the candidate page  http://saleslogic.co.uk/candidates/