A specialist Sales, Services and Marketing and E-Commerce recruiter with coverage across the UK & EMEA. Our core markets are the UK, France and Germany and we provide coverage in a range of industries, including Software, E-Commerce/Social Commerce, IT, Market Research and Business Services. We have a proven track record of helping companies hire highly successful teams.

Our clients rely on us for both candidates and advice on the hiring process. The market is very competitive for top level talent and our aim is to enable companies to hire and retain the best possible candidates on the market. To understand how we have helped companies in more detail please use this CLICK HERE
If you need to scale your team swiftly with “A” players then contact us: info@saleslogic.co.uk or 020-3751 1405. We will arrange an initial conversation to assess our ability to deliver on your requirements.
Please also contact us if you are a candidate assessing new opportunities and are looking for an informal first chat about the market and opportunities. Our team of experienced consultants have worked with a range of companies across EMEA and will be well positioned to help. Our service is targeted at ensuring you receive the best possible role based on your experience and skills.