Saleslogic- Year in Review

Thursday, January 18, 2018

I sat down with Damian Eyre, founder of Saleslogic, to hear his views on the year that 2017 was, and how the year 2018 could look for this sales recruitment company.

Damian has led Saleslogic, one of the top sales recruitment agencies in London, since its first day in 2006.

Was 2017 all you hoped it would be?

2017 was challenging for Saleslogic as we had a lot of change in the business but ultimately we came out of it with a strong team. As Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” All the recruitment consultants learnt a great deal during the year and developed considerably.

What were the biggest challenges of 2017?

As often, staffing is a key challenge, and this was definitely the case last year as a few senior team members left at the end of 2016. The fact we are one of the leading sales recruitment companies in London does enable us to navigate this and keep moving forward. We also have a talented and ambitious management team who help keep momentum. It takes time for people to develop but our structure certainly allows for that.

What were the biggest unexpected challenges?  

Probably the amount of internal change in the business. We had to move office unexpectedly in late 2016 and with other changes, it proved to be a tough year.

How do you think the industry was feeling/looking like at the end of 2017?

The industry and market were feeling very busy indeed at the end of 2017. It was a very candidate driven market, as there were multiple opportunities out there. It is more important than ever as a sales recruitment company to offer value and not be purely transactional. If you want to stand out in the competitive sales recruitment agency landscape, then maintaining and establishing relationships is pivotal.

How do you feel about 2018?

I feel good about 2018, we have started off strong and have a fantastic team who work very well together.

What do you see the biggest challenges 2018 will bring?

The normal suspects of staffing, unforeseen circumstances with candidates and clients will always remain constant. Brexit and GDPR loom large but we are a creative country and will find solutions.  Every year there is always a challenge or hurdle and we always pull through, 2018 will be no different.

Anything in 2018 you’re really looking forward to?

I always enjoy football world cup year!

Anything in 2018 you’re dreading?

No. I’m looking forward to another year doing what I love, and working with a great team.

What do you see being the most important skill of 2018?

Listening and relationship building are always pivotal skills in the sales recruitment industry. In a fast and ever-changing industry, these basics are always important.

The greatest piece of advice you've been given about work/career?

-Look under every stone, prepare for every outcome.

Great piece of advice you’d give about working/career?


 Simple, but makes all the difference.