Sales Recruitment Insight: Why you’ve still not got a new job

Friday, October 6, 2017

Finding a new job can often feel like an uphill battle. The competition is stiff, particular here in London and particular for sales jobs.  It might, however, feel like it’s been a bit too hard, or taking a bit too long for you to find that dream sales role. Here are some reasons why you might still not be getting that new job

You have a bad CV

For all the articles there are out there on how to write a CV, what not to do on your CV, there are still a shocking number of bad CV’s out there. “ You could be a great sales person, but honestly, if you’ve got a bad CV, be it because of spelling or formatting mistakes, sorry, your CV will go into the ‘No’ pile”-Dan, Saleslogic recruiter.

Take a look at this guide on what-not-to-do when writing a CV, put together by the Saleslogic team:

Not working with the right recruiter

If you’re in sales, it only makes sense to work with a sales recruitment company. They’ll have the jobs you’re looking for, and a better understanding of your role and the skills required. While working with another recruitment company that does more broad placements, might get you a role eventually, it might take longer, and you may find them suggesting roles that really don’t fit.

Some of our tips for picking the right recruitment agency for:

Not doing enough

You’ve put your CV on Monster and Total Job. - Your job is done, right? Wrong. Waiting for your CV to be found by the right recruitment consultant, for the right role, is like someone trying to find a specific grain of sand on a beach. Be proactive and get applying for the right roles for you!  Also, make sure your LinkedIn is working hard for you! These are our tips on making sure your LinkedIn profile is helping not hindering your job search

You’re applying for anything and everything

If you don’t have the basic skills required for the role, why apply? “Too often we get applications from candidates who don’t even having the basic experience required for a role. It wastes our time, and while your CV might be great, if you’re wrong for the role you’ve applied for, it’s likely it will get ignored”-Dan.

Take a look at our what-not-to-do guide to applying for jobs:

Too desperate

If you’ve applied for every role on a recruitment companies website, and you’re only really a fit for one of them- chances are good, that it will look like spam, not a real person. “Another bad idea is calling and calling the recruiter. If we’ve discussed a role and you weren’t right, calling every day won’t change anything.  While I do recommend touching base with your recruiter to keep you on their radar, it’s best to avoid becoming a pest.”

Not interviewing well 

Been going to a lot of interviews, but still no offers? Make sure you're asking for feedback. If you're using a recruitment consultant, they will always ask for feedback from the interviewer. They can give you great advice for interviews, or share with you some areas you might need to improve.


Bad timing

Sometimes, the stars just aren’t aligned and the right role, in the right company just isn't coming up at the right time. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about this. Sometimes though, your sales recruitment consultant can help create some right timing and find you roles that aren’t even being advertised for- if you’re just not seeing the type of roles you’re after, make sure to give your recruitment consultant a call and see what they can do!

Go easy on yourself, and make sure you take away the stress of job searching by making sure you’re doing all the right things (and none of the wrong) and who knows, that perfect sales role could be just around the corner

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