Sales Recruiter Insight Series; The ‘what-not-to-do guide’ to applying for jobs

Friday, July 7, 2017

Following on from the ‘what-not-to-do’ guide to writing your CV, the Saleslogic recruitment team share their insights on some what-not-to-dos when applying for a role.

Now, be honest, have you done one, or (and I shudder!) more than one of these things?

What-Not-To-Do Guide To Applying For Roles

Apply for every role on the recruiter’s website

Firstly it will look like spam. I’m sure you’re awesome, but it’s very unlikely you’re experienced for all the roles on the company’s website.

Apply for the wrong roles

It’s important to not apply for something, just for the sake of applying. You might have a great CV but if you’ve applied for the wrong role, it’s easy for your CV to be discarding, and not given the attention it deserves.

‘I don’t want to waste my time sending you my CV …’

You’d be surprised how many times people say that- A lot of times people want to speak to the recruiter about the role before applying, which is understandable, but check how you word it when speaking with the sales recruitment consultant saying that you don’t want to waste your time, but you’re happy to waste the recruiters times, is not a good way to start.

Your CV isn’t specific to the role

You don’t have to rewrite your CV for every role you apply for, but you need to make sure your CV shows and highlights that you have the experience or skills that the job description has asked for.

You’re not contactable.

You’ve applied for a role, but the sales recruitment consultant now can’t get a hold of you. This actually happens a lot and is a shame because great candidates end up missing out. If you’ve undertaken the decision to find a new role, keep your phone handy.

Applying from your mobile

Well, ok, applying from the mobile isn’t actually the problem, but sending through your CV via email, with a ‘Can you call me, I need a job’ Thanks, Sent from iPhone- is the problem. (Sadly this is an actual email received). Finding a new job is an important thing, so give it the respect and time it deserves and send a proper email.

Applying to the wrong type of agencies.

Not all agencies are created equal and you can get better results, by using an agency that is focused on the same industry as you are. If you are a salesperson looking for a SaaS sales job, find the recruitment agency that specialises in those types of roles. These recruitment companies will better understand the work you do, the type of roles you’re wanting and already have a range of roles going

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