What Sales Recruitment Agencies in UK Want to Tell You about Software Sales Jobs

If you’ll ask sales recruitment agencies in UK, it can provide you with several reasons why you need to seek software sales jobs instead of staying in your present profession – particularly if you are stuck in the same rank and salary level for many years already. Sales recruitment specialists can even tell you that you have no idea what kind of opportunity you are missing if you do not consider technology sales professions. Specifically, here are three of the many important aspects that software sales recruitment wants to tell jobseekers like you:


A successful and financially rewarding career is on your way, says sales recruitment agencies in UK.


Ask sales recruitment agencies in UK and they will tell you that software sales jobs should be where you are if you are aiming to build a career in sales and if you are looking forward to living a quality life. For most of the career paths on the job market, these are among those who have the potentials to help you become successful and financially stable. For a start, you will earn an average of $50,000 a year. If you get successful in achieving your quota, you may likely earn $75,000 in the next 1 to 3 years. As you become consistent with your achievements, you will get promoted to a higher position and before you realize it, you are already earning four times or even 10 times what you are receiving when you were starting.


Demand for professionals in technology sales is very high.


One survey revealed that over 50% of sales departments have reported increase in the number of personnel in 2015 and that almost 50% expect to experience the same this year. These percentages clearly indicate that demand for sales positions is high. However, the need for salespersons that have technical skills is a lot higher despite the fact that technology sales positions, including software sales jobs, pay very well. For this reason, you may want to change your career path. This will not be difficult because formal training in school is not a requirement. You can participate in training programs provided by companies to those who want to learn about software products and the sales process. After that, software sales recruitment will be happy to welcome you in the industry.


Software sales jobs will change the way you think as an individual and a career person.


If you are content just being seated on your desk for 8 hours and doing everything that your boss tells you to do so, it’s a lot different when you land in one of the software sales jobs available. Sales recruitment specialists will guarantee you that you will no longer spend 8 boring hours in the office because you will be meeting with distributors and retail buyers, and you will be making a lot of phone calls and sending emails. You will attend trade shows and mingle with well-known personalities in the software industry. You will learn how to be confident and outgoing, and more important, you will be passionate about your work that before you realized it you have become a goal-oriented person, looking forward to climbing the career ladder, and aiming to earn more for your family and retirement.