Tips to Improve Your Sales Pitch

Thursday, June 2, 2016

If you’re working off strong sales leads but you’re finding that prospects just aren’t investing, it might be time to look at your sales pitch and how you’re presenting your offering. Developing a solid pitch is a fine skill and should be given the time and dedication it requires. With that in mind, here are our top three picks to help you improve your pitch and start closing more sales!

Getting past the first hurdle is often the toughest. This article provides some useful opening and closing statements that you can weave into your pitch to help you connect with prospects:

Softening Statements to Get Prospects Talking : By Mike Brooks

Softening Statements to Get Prospects Talking By Mike Brooks, One of the objections I always get from sales people who don't want to use scripts is that they sound so, well, like scripts. I tell them that if they sound like they are reading them, sure, but if they internalize them and then deliver them naturally, then they don't sound like scripts at all.


It’s important to remember that the purpose of your pitch is to find out your prospect's specific needs, so you can demonstrate to them how you’re able to provide a solution. Talking too much in a pitch can hinder your chances of finding out this highly valuable information. This article features six strategies to help improve your active listening skills and start becoming a trusted advisor:

6 Strategies to Get Better at Active Listening Today

Successful selling requires a delicate balance between talking and listening. While you need to provide enough information to communicate your product's value, you also have to make sure your prospect feels heard. Maintaining this back-and-forth is key to consultative selling, but listening involves more than just allowing your customer to speak.


Investing time into developing your sales experience is only going to improve your performance in the long-term. This is something that will need constant tweaking and fine-tuning as you close more sales and learn new experiences. Here are a few pointers to get you started: 

How to Improve the Sales Experience

Entrepreneurship and sales have one common element and that is uncertainty. When the uncertainty hits, so do self-doubt and anxiety. The downward spiral is very tough to deal with unless it is understood and dealt with properly. When anxiety or fear hit, recognize the cause to take swift action and move past.


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