Tips on how to ace the first day of a new job

Friday, August 4, 2017

Congratulations! You did it! You landed your dream job. All that hard work, writing CVs, applying for jobs, interviewing, it is all behind you. So it’s easy from here on out right? Well, there are a few hurdles still left to come- the first one out of the gate; the first day

We have all had many first days, the first day of school, college, work. I can still remember my very first day of primary school. I was a nervous timid thing, clinging to my mum’s hand and desperate for her not to leave me. Now being a clever mum, she smiled down at me, applied a fresh coat of lipstick and gave me a kiss on my hand, ‘There you go, I’ll be with you all day long’ she said pointing to the pink smudge now on my hand. I have to admit, no matter how silly it was, it did make me feel a little braver and certainly prevented some tears. Sadly those simpler times are gone, and now as grownups, we must deal with first day nerves on our own. Luckily for you, our Saleslogic recruitment consultants are here to help, sharing some of their tips on how to make the first day run a little smoother and help you hit the grown running!

Tips for the night before the big day

  • Set your alarm!-An obvious one, but the last thing you want to be on your first day is late! Check the journey again- even better, do a practice run a few days before so you know the best route. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to complete the journey as well!

  • Check the forecast.  You don’t want to wear your new suede shoes only to have it rain on your walk to the office.

  • Get your clothes ready. Plan what you’re going to wear. You should hopefully have a good idea of what the dress code at your new office will be, but remember, when in doubt, overdressed is always better than under. There is no harm in dressing to impress, especially considering you will probably be meeting lots of people! If you are unsure, ask your recruitment consultant.

  • Mentally prepare yourself. Write down some questions you want to ask. This shows great enthusiasm and that you’ve put thought into the role and want to hit the ground running

  • Also a good idea- if you’re feeling really nervous, write down all the things you are worried about. Sometimes just putting those worries on a piece of paper can help clear your mind.

Tips for the big day

Arrive early, but not too early. If you’ve been told to arrive at 9.30, even if the normal start time is 8.30- do not turn up at 8.30! You have been told a specific time- so follow the instructions given. This extra time is so that your new line manager has time to set themselves up and make sure they’re ready for your arrival. But this also gives you plenty of time to make sure you arrive feeling ready and prepared and not rushed.

Come in with an open mind, and be ready to learn. It’s going to probably be a day of information overload, but pay attention and take notes. Come in with an open mind, expecting too much or certain things will more than likely leave you disappointed. You may have done things a certain way at your old office, so remember to be adaptable.

Sort out the basics first thing- Find out where the toilets are, and where to get tea or coffee.

Be nice to the admin team- Building a great rapport with them from day one will definitely help in the long run! Remember these are the people that help you get your job done, from ordering the stationery, coffee to preparing your reports.

Ask questions- Don’t worry if you feel like you’re asking too many, make sure you understand something fully, and remember, it’s your first day, and so asking questions is expected.


Introduce yourself to whoever you meet– find out what they do, how your roles relate etc. and do your best to learn as many names as you can.

“Ensure that you show your personality and take the time to talk to your colleagues in the office and begin building relationships as these people could be your close friends in years to come. “- Padraig

Having to do ‘small talk’ can be pretty tough- here are some great tips:

Keep your phone in your bag and definitely on silent. Being on your phone on your first day isn’t the best look- stay focused and present, and leave the Facebook post for the train ride home.

Don’t rush for the door at home time, but don’t stay late just for the sake of it either. Day one is an overload of information. Go home, relax, and process all you’ve learnt.

Keep up the energy – It can be tough starting a new job, there’s so much to learn and take in, but it is important to keep the energy levels high.


Be sponge like- See what others are doing when it comes to lunch time or dress code. Watch and learn

Check out this awesome infographic for hour by hour tips!-

Some things to keep in mind for your first week

Avoid office politics- You might get sucked in eventually, but do your best to avoid office politics. You don’t want work to feel like an episode of House of Cards. Avoid being a gossip. It will help you come across as more trustworthy.

It might seem too early, but it’s a good idea to start setting some goals. What goals do you want to achieve in your first month/6months/year etc?

Keep your boss informed about how you are doing. Maybe a recap email on Friday to let them know how you’ve found the first week, and ask any questions.

You might be new but don’t be afraid, if you’ve got something valuable to add in a meeting, speak up!

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – You will make mistakes - it comes with the territory. It can’t be helped, however when it does happen, make sure you ask how to do it better second time round - learn from it and don’t let it happen again. Personally, I am glad I have made a few mistakes along the way, it has definitely helped me moving forward.”- Dan


Don’t rest on your laurels. Yes, they hired you because you’ve got the skills, but you now need to prove it!

During your first week- if someone asks if you want to go for a drink with the team- say yes.

The most important thing to remember is everybody at one stage was the ‘new guy’, so don’t feel bad about having to ask questions, or asking someone you’ve already met what their name is.

Also remember- they hired you because you were the best person for the role. You should be feeling proud to be there. Keep up the good work!

If you do have questions about your first day, the agency that placed you can help. The agency will play a part in the ‘onboarding process’, so can get you the answers you need regarding, start time, dress code, and who to ask for.

Good luck on your first day!

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