Tips for improving your commute to work

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Things to do on your commute that could make it better

The average commute for a Londoner is an hour. That’s 10 hours a week you spend getting to and from work. Imagine what you could do in that time!?

Here are a couple of things you could do during your commute that might make you feel happier, smarter, fitter or craftier,

Why not cycle or walk instead?

Now I acknowledge this won’t be practical for everyone, but for some, it might actually be quicker for you to walk or bike to work. Escape the cramped confines of the tube carriage and hit the pavement or road instead. You’ll be getting some exercise, some fresh(ish, this is London after all) air and might just find you feel more positive and engaged when you get to work. We’re meant to walk 10,000 steps a day to stay healthy. I recently got a Fitbit and found that on an average work day I wasn’t even walking half of that. So get out there and stretch those legs!

If you can’t avoid the trains/tube/bus, then why not try some exercise for the brain and do some mediation? 

Apps like Headspace are a great option help take your mind off the commute. Meditation is a great way of connecting with yourself for a bit. You might arrive at work feeling calmer, more in control and ready for the challenges of the day. If you feel strange sitting there with your eyes closed, maybe try some learning some breathing exercises instead.  These could come in handy when you’re feeling your blood start to boil at work or when at the ticket gate someone doesn’t have their oyster card ready or when people aren’t moving down inside the carriage!

Listen and learn

Whether you’re commuting on foot, sitting on a train, or crammed into someone’s armpit, Podcast are the listen-anywhere tool that can help make commutes better. Often the commute can feel like dead time. So why not plug into a podcast that teaches you something new, inspires or engages, or even just makes you laugh

Here is a list of some great Podcast for your commute-

If you can always get a seat, why not try getting crafty?

Learn how to knit, or why not write a book, some poetry or learn how to draw?

Maybe get everyone involved in singing. You could start your own acapella group called The Commuters (this is more of a joke suggestion, but if you do manage it, please let me know!)

Search for jobs

If you’re sitting on the train, listening to your podcast while finishing off your new scarf, trying to ignore the smell of the commuter next to you, thinking you can’t bear another day of commuting, it might be time to take a look at either moving or getting a new job.

If you’re able to get Wi-Fi, why not use the time to search for a new job that’s just a bit closer to home?

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