Tips for Creating a Modern Sales CV

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Your CV is one of the key ways to market yourself in your job search, so it’s essential that it demonstrates why you’re the right person for the job! This week’s round-up post is crammed full of useful insights and tips to help you create a modern, customised Sales CV.


We’re kicking things off with this first post which offers lots of useful advice on how to customise your CV. Using a 'one size' approach doesn’t often work when it comes to applying for jobs, it’s essential that you’re able to demonstrate why you’re the right person for the job. To do this you need to ensure you customise your CV to the company and role you're applying for – here are some tips to get you started:

4 Ways to Make Sure Your Resume Is Selling You as the One for the Job

When you really want a job, you don't want your resume to subtly hint that you might be a suitable applicant; you want it to scream that you're the perfect candidate for the position. And that, of course, is why you tailor your resume.


If you have gaps in your CV and you’re not sure how to address them, don’t panic! This post offers some great advice on how to keep current and demonstrate that your time off has been well spent:

Gaps in Your Resume? Here's What You Need to Know

When Marian Haggerty was laid off from her job in San Francisco in 2008, she expected to find another position immediately. It was nearly a year before the experienced administrative assistant found another position, and then, it was temporary.


Last but certainly not least, this third article looks at what the modern Sales CV should look like. This infographic style is certainly eye catching and presents information in an easily digestible and engaging way. Would you consider using this format for your CV?

How to Create a Sales Resume That Grabs Recruiters' Attention [Visual Template]

Nowadays, salespeople have to do more than ever before to be successful in their roles. Sales has shifted from high-pressure old-school tactics to become more focused on credibility, offering assistance, and listening, among other things. In light of this new playbook, sales reps are developing new skills absent in the traditional salespeople of years past.


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