The Benefits of Working with a Sales Recruitment Agency in London

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Have you noticed that a sandwich often tastes better if someone else made it for you? Often things taste better or are quicker, cheaper, and easier if done by someone else. So why not apply that same principle to looking for a new job, or recruitment to fill one?

Be you a candidate or company looking- here are some of the benefits of working with a sales recruitment agency in London.

Your Sales Recruitment Agency in London is here to help candidates by:

Call any London sales recruitment agencies and they will already have a ton of roles they’re trying to fill- one of them might be the job for you! Companies use sales recruitment agencies because they save them time and a lot of effort, why not do the same!

Because only 20% of roles are advertised. Yes, that’s right. If you’re going it alone, you’re ever only seeing 20% of the roles available. A sales recruitment agency in London or elsewhere can open up that other 80% because they’ve got the connections

They’ve got the connections. Following from above, with only a small piece of the pie ever on show, sales recruitment specialists can help you find your slice, by connecting you with their extensive network. Looking for IT sales job but not finding anything? Your IT sales recruitment consultant can ‘network’ you to the companies you’d love to work with, opening doors that would otherwise have been shut.

Your Sales Recruitment Agency in London is here to help companies by: 

Because job hunting is hard, the majority of job hunters will use recruitment agencies. Meaning that Sales recruitment specialist will already have a pool of talent to pick from. 

They do the heavy lifting. The average number of applications for any role is over 80! That’s a lot of CV’s for you to wade through; the recruitment agent does it for you, making the process from advertising to interviewing much, much quicker.

For candidates- they are in your corner- Sales recruitment agency in London want you to succeed, because that means they succeed. It is in their interest to help you get the job you want. Say you want a job in IT sales- make sure you go to an IT sales recruitment agency. They know the jobs you’re after, and what it takes to get one. They can help prepare you for interviews, give you tips or ideas on perfecting your CV.

For candidates and companies -Because they know what the industry wants. All sales requirement specialists in any sales recruitment agency in London know what it takes to get those sales jobs. It’s what they do. Having someone who is focused on the industry you want to be in and understand what it takes to do the job- means better matches, more often.

For companies- they’re in your corner tooLondon sales recruitment agencies- yeah there are a few! Because competition is high, that sales recruitment agency is going to want to do a good job. Why? Because you’re more likely to use them again. This is a benefit for you as well; they now know you, your business and how you work, so going forward it will be even easier to fill positions.

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