Sales Recruitment Insights: Lowering stress on your team

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Keeping stress levels low

Being in sales isn’t easy. Often it seems like you’re juggling multiple balls, climbing Mt. Target &KPI whilst on 3 phones. It can easily become a very stressful job. A little bit of stress can be helpful; it keeps people going and keeps the fire lit. Too much stress, especially too much continuous stress, can leave you feeling depleted, unfocused, and overwhelmed. As a sales team leader, it’s important to make sure your team is working to their best ability. The Saleslogic team have put together some ideas to help keep your sales teams’ stress levels down and performance up.

Make sure life isn’t all about work

You might think your team staying late each night is a good thing- they’re being extra productive and achieving loads, right? Wrong. Working late can often do more harm than good. It can have negative effects on your staff’s health, negative effects on their family lives, and negative effects on their productivity. People need a break, a chance to refresh and refocus. Working longer does not always mean working more productively.

There will be times when working a bit late is required, and that’s ok, but it should not become a nightly routine. If your staff are consistently working late, you might need to check why. Are they working late because they think it impresses you? If so, you might need to set some clear expectations. If they’re working late because they’re not able to complete their workload in the 8 hour day, you might need to check their processes- are they working harder but not smarter?

A great read on why working late is a bad thing:

Get moving

Get your people moving, get the blood flowing and the endorphins pumping. Exercise is proven to help improve moods and combat stress levels. Get people outside at lunchtime rather than sitting at their desk. Here in the Saleslogic office, you can often find us playing cricket at lunch!

Why not put together an after-work sports team? Get people moving, doing something fun and bonding as a team?


As a sales team leader, clear communication is so important. Particularly during stress periods at work, make sure you’re communicating clearly about any expectations.

Get organised

Help the team stay organised, have the goals or expectations on the board, help them keep a track of their targets, but also encourage them to take some time to organise themselves. 5 minutes on a Friday afternoon to organise their desk, and make a to-do list, means on Monday they will be ready to hit the ground running.

Eat well

More and more offices are providing healthy snacks for their staff. It keeps them fuelled with good stuff, helps avoid the sugar crashes, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either.

Be there

Make sure your team knows you’re there for them. Stress can very easily become overwhelming, so make sure your team knows they can talk to you, or know how to get any support they might need.

Set the tone

Never forget that you play a huge role in setting the tone in the office or team. Keep your team running strong by doing some small things to help keep stress levels low, morale high, and those targets being reached.

Feeling stressed is normal, but feeling it too often can have serious impacts on your health. If your work environment is always stressful, or you’re finding your health starting to be affected by stress, it might be time to make a change!

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