Sales Recruitment Insights: Do you need a cover letter for a sales CV?

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Do a quick google search and you will find a lot of conflicting advice on this one. Some will say, absolutely, you won’t get a job without one. Other sites will say, no way- they are a thing of the past- don’t bother!

So… do you or don’t you? I asked Saleslogic Recruiter Nathaniel Benissan for his thoughts;

‘Writing a cover letter at times has its benefits. For example, when trying to separate yourself from the other candidates, a well written and relevant cover letter can help.’

What about if you're applying for Sales roles?

‘I don’t think cover letters are too important for sales roles, but it depends on the role you’re applying for. If you’ve got the relevant experience for the job just make sure your CV shows it. Most people recruiting for sales roles will most likely be more interested in the cold hard facts of your experience from your CV. Your professionalism, style of working etc.  , are things they’ll pick up on once they’ve spoken to you.

If you’re looking to move and change industry or role, then a cover letter will be what sells you, and explains how you can transfer your skills and set you apart from the rest.’

What should you include in a cover letter for a sales role?

‘I’d say include your sales style, how you work with different teams, success stories and how your skills relate to what the employer is looking for – Keep it brief. Your targets, clients etc. should be on your CV.

If you’re changing industries or role type, make sure to highlight what you achieved previously and what skills could be transferable, then let your CV do the talking.’

Other things to remember when writing a cover letter?

Remember- a CV and a Cover Letter are different things.

Your cover letter should never be a duplication of your CV. A CV is black and white- the facts. A cover letter is the colour- selling to the employer why and how you’re the best for the role.

Your cover letter should be different for each different role.

Not every employee wants the same skills or experience. Update your cover letter accordingly. Take the key points from the job advert and use them as the building blocks for your cover letter. This way you’ll include the keywords they’ve mentioned as well.

Keep it Simple. And short

Your cover letter should be short and concise. Trying keeping it to 3 paragraphs. An Introduction, a paragraph on why and how you’re qualified for the job, what you have to offer, matching your skills to the job descriptions and then a great summary and call to action- you want them desperate to find out more.

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