Sales Recruitment Insights- Challenges of IT Sales Recruitment

Thursday, January 18, 2018

There are some industries that just always seem to be in overdrive. They’re ever-evolving and seem to move a mile-a-minute. IT is one such industry. Technology is nearly involved in every aspect of our lives, so it’s no wonder that more and more IT companies are setting up shop. With the increase in IT companies comes the need for good IT salespeople. Enter stage left, the IT sales recruitment agency. These recruitment agencies are playing a vital role in keeping the IT industry moving forward by helping to find the very best people.

But with any fast-moving industry, it can seem like a struggle just to keep up. I sat down with Ben Gowing, Recruitment Consultant from Saleslogic, to get his views on the challenges of IT Sales Recruitment in London.

The challenges of IT Sales Recruitment:

Standing out from the crowd and competition in an often saturated market

With more IT companies come more IT sales roles, and more recruiters trying to fill them. “Saleslogic has been around since 2006 and we specialise in recruiting for these types of IT sales roles. Because it’s what we specialise in, we’re able to offer real expertise in the recruitment process which helps differentiate us some other more general recruitment companies. It can be hard to stand out, but over the last decade we’ve established a good reputation within sales recruitment”.

Making sure we work with the best companies with the most aggressive growth plans

“For obvious reasons, we’d want to work with companies looking to grow, but it’s also a selling point for candidates”. Working with companies with aggressive growth plans is a great way of attracting top candidates as it’s always appealing to work with a company that’s going places, and that offer a great opportunity for professional growth.”

Making sure we give our clients and candidates the best possible experience

“We take our role very seriously. It’s more than just filling a placement; it’s about making the right connection between client and candidate.” In a competitive field like IT sales recruitment, it’s important that clients have a good experience with a recruiter. After all, if someone provides great service, you’re more likely to use them again or recommend them.

Making sure we give ourselves the chance to access and speak with the top talent

Finding and engaging with top talent is crucial to any recruitment company; especially if you’re fighting against several other recruitment agencies who are trying to do the same thing. “At Saleslogic we try to make sure we’re reaching out in the right way, targeting the right people and often, our reputation means top talent comes to us. It can be hard, but it’s something we’re constantly working on.”

Recruitment always has its challenges; it is often a showing sign of economic growth, slow down or change. With IT companies popping up daily, it is the recruitment companies recruiting for IT Sales roles that manage the challenges and move forward alongside the IT companies are the ones that will always come out on top.

Thanks Ben for your time and sharing your thoughts!

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