Sales Recruitment Insight: Working in SaaS or Digital sales

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Like the idea of a shiny new digital sales job? Perhaps SaaS or Software sales has been something you’ve always liked to get into. Padraig Leddy, sales recruitment consultant for Saleslogic shares some of the traits required to be not only good in sales, but great at digital or SaaS sales jobs.

What does it take to be a good salesperson?

For Padraig, a good salesperson must have: 

  • Confidence
  • Perseverance
  • Resilience

“In most digital sales jobs or SaaS sales jobs it is important to be confident as you must not only back your product but back yourself and have the confidence to stand above your competitors.

In a software sales job you will come to a lot of roadblocks and like all sales roles you will be told no more than yes, you must have the ability to persevere and push through what is required to get a sales of the line, to a strong sales person perseverance doesn't just mean not stopping, it means that you set yourself a goal and persevere until you get there.

Resilience is most important in a SaaS sales job, rudeness, stubbornness and laziness are common traits that you will face on a day to day basis, you must also stand resilient to the "no" people of the world and remember that you are good at this job and the wins will always outweigh the countless no’s.”

Traits of a good SaaS or digital salesperson

Fluent in Technology

Having a good understanding of technology is like knowing another language and as technology advances and society becomes more and more dependent on it, those people with the understanding of how it all works will be well placed for making themselves future proof.

They’re not just salespeople but consultants

You would never say “they could sell ice to an Eskimo” about a SaaS salesperson. It’s certainly not because they couldn’t but rather they wouldn’t. SaaS salespeople aren’t about selling someone something they don’t need. SaaS salespeople consult with their prospect and understand their needs. They can then provide a solution that adds real value.

For Padraig, the skills he counts as most important for software sales:

  • Knowledge of the product
  • Ability to think outside the box
  • Willingness to share the load

“In a digital sales job knowledge of the product is important as you will always have the upper hand in a process when you can answer a client’s question off the bat. “Time is the enemy at times” and your knowledge can decide if a deal is closed in a quarter/month which has an impact on your pocket.

To think outside of the box in a software sales job to me is a necessity, you always have to assume that the competition is one step ahead and your ability to think around the normal will bring you level with them and perhaps push you ahead.

Unless you are a 100% autonomous hunter you should always share the load, this will not only help your closing rate but it will also help your overall success, speaking from experience, I have been promoted thanks to my colleagues and being able to control processes as a team.” 

Why is it so great to work in any type of digital or software sales jobs?

  • Every sale is different
  • Every vertical requires SaaS
  • Fast-paced environment

“When you work in a SaaS sales job or a Digital sales job, every sale is different, it is not monotonous like an infrastructure role may be, you will have companies asking you to tailor the service or if they can utilise the SaaS in a different part of the business.

Every vertical can be attached in a software sales job, as no matter what company you are, you can benefit from a software in some part of the business, you can explore different avenues that you may never have thought about and find a niche.

In all digital and SaaS sales jobs you will be constantly on your toes with software and technologies growing around you. This is great as you can continuously better your sale and sales approach, not reinventing the wheel but you will always have new start-up companies to sell your new update to.”

If you think you've got what it takes to succeed in a SaaS or digital sales role, get in touch!

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