Sales Recruitment Insight: Multiple interview stages

Thursday, December 14, 2017

How to deal with a multi-stage interview process

Your sales recruitment consultant has just called- that great company wants to meet with you! You’re elated; it’s such a great role and great company. The glow begins to fade however when you hear about the interview process, it’s a call, then a face to face, then another face to face (with someone more senior this time), then a presentation, and another face to face. Five hoops to jump, each higher than the next.

I spoke with Saleslogic recruiter Ben Gowing, for his advice on dealing with a lengthy  interview process, and his tips for each type or stage of interview

“Main thing to remember is to be patient and understand that companies have processes they have to complete – especially the larger and more corporate companies”

Companies don’t run multi-stage interviews just for the fun of it. It’s important, especially for large, corporate companies who are perhaps hiring senior positions to make sure they get the right person. By going through multiple stages, they can be sure they’re really getting the right fit. It is also a positive for you, it’s a chance for you to really get to know the company and its people, and likewise, determine if it’s a right fit for you

“Treat every stage with the same amount of dedication, energy and attention to detail; you need to impress every new person throughout the process”

The phone interview

The initial hoop, a phone interview helps an employee to quickly establish whether you’d be a right fit for a role.

See Ben’s advice for acing a phone interview 

The Face to Face

The Saleslogic team have helped put together all you should need to help you ace this interview stage! Remember the key things, do your research, know your CV and experience, have questions, be confident, and smile!

The Face to Face – again

The second face to face is usually with someone different or higher up the ladder. While you will obviously treat everyone you meet, regardless of their position, with respect, it is important to recognise the person’s role- do your research to make sure you understand their role, and how it might relate to the role you’re gunning for- this is important as it will determine the types of questions you should be asking.

The Presentation Stage

Not every company will ask you to do a presentation. But if they do, don’t see it as a test, but as an opportunity to really show how great you are.

Key things to remember

  • Make sure you fully understand what is expected of you
  • Prepare and give it as much effort as you would if presenting to a major client
  • It’s nothing to fear. Presenting to a potential future employer is nothing scarier than presenting to a big client! You’re either winning the client  or winning the role

A Final Face to Face

It might feel at this stage like you already work there for all the time you’ve spent at their offices.

This final interview is your chance to dispel any lingering concerns they might have, but also any you might have about the role or company. Remember to treat any interview like a conversation, not an interrogation. An interview is about two people getting to know each other and seeing if there is a good fit.

Ben’s final tips

“Make sure you follow up with individuals and thank them for their time at each stage”

  • Know the expectations for each stage
  • Understand the time frame of the whole process
  • Stay patient, positive and enthusiastic throughout

If after that final hoop you are successful: Congratulations. You’ve worked very hard to get to that position!

If after that final hoop, you aren’t successful: Congratulations as well. Although the outcome wasn’t what you hoped, you will have learned a lot and be even better prepared for the next time.

For helping getting an interview, preparing for an interview, or any questions about sales recruitment in London, give the Saleslogic team a call- we’re here to help!

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