Sales Recruitment Insight: Is it time for you to quit your job?

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in an infinite time loop? Each day is a duplicate of the last. From bed to train to work to train to bed? If you’re feeling like something needs to change, then this list might be just the thing to help!

I sat down with Saleslogic Recruiters, Dan and Padraig to put together a list of some of the possible signs that it’s time to make a change and quit your job.

Signs it might be time to give a sales recruitment agency a call

  1. You’re day dreaming of ways to get out of having to go to work.
  2. You’ve decided that there is such a thing as asking a stupid question- and you tell your client so.
  3. You’ve bashed a dent in your desk with your stapler that’s jammed for the 100th time.
  4. You’re imagining ridiculous deaths for your boss.

  6. You’re picturing hitting that one colleague who talks too much and too loud in the face- perhaps with an Atlantic salmon, or desk chair.
  7. Looking at your mates’ travel pictures on Facebook at lunchtime leaves you crying in the toilets.
  8. You spend all your free time complaining about how much you hate your job.
  9. You’ve lost all your friends because you don’t see them and you spend all your free time complaining about how much you hate your job.

Now for some more serious ones

  1. You’re finding it hard to get out of bed each morning.
  2. Your health is being affected by stress.
  3. You’re making mistakes and just don’t care.
  4. You can’t remember the last time you felt relaxed.
  5. You’re not hitting targets, or you are losing accounts.
  6. Your to-do list is long, but you can’t find the motivation.
  7. No one wants to go for beers anymore, or no one talks or interacts. With the reality being that we often see more of our colleagues than our friends, it can have a huge impact on our productivity and even mental health when you feel alone at work.
  8. The culture has changed.
  9.  Your morals or beliefs are being tested- Perhaps a process has changed, or a new leader has come on board, and people aren’t being treated the way they use to be. You’re being asked to do things that you don’t feel comfortable with, or perhaps there has been an increase in racial comments or sexism.
  10. You’ve been passed up for a promotion or you’re just not progressing.
  11. Your work or input isn’t recognised or valued.
  12. The company is making changes you don’t believe in.
  13. You’re missing out on too many important family moments.
  14. You can’t remember why you liked working there.

Any of the above seems relatable? If so, perhaps it’s time to start googling recruitment agencies!

With people now spending more time at work than at home, it’s crucial for productivity levels and even your mental health to make sure they’re happy and feeling fulfilled in the work that you are doing.

No job is worth the cost of your well-being. If you’d like to know more about Mental Health at Work- click here

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