Sales Recruitment Insight: An interview is just a sales pitch

Monday, January 29, 2018

You're a top salesperson, so why do interviews make you so nervous? You can do a sales pitch in front of a room of important people which out breaking a sweat. So why be nervous for one, but not the other, they’re basically the same thing. Never thought about the similarities before? Well, you don't have to, because I already have and I've written them down in this handy article! Here are 7 similarities between a job interview and a sales pitch. Hopefully, at your next job interview,  this will help you feel a little less nervous!

7 similarities between a job interview and a sales pitch

  1. They’re both about selling

    In one you’re selling a product or solution, in the other, you’re selling yourself, but the skills are the same 

  2. They’re both about building rapport

    In both situations, the ability to build rapport is crucial. Whether it’s by making them smile or laugh, this skill can help you succeed in any pitch or interview 

  3. They’re both about listening and understand

    In a sales pitch, it’s not a one-man/woman show. It’s about listening and understanding your client to make sure you’re selling them the right solution. Same with an interview. It’s important to listen and understand what the company’s about, and what they’re looking for. The better you listen and understand in both situations, the better your responses will be, and the better the outcome.

  4. They’re both about being prepared and ready for anything

    Your sales pitch might be so well rehearsed you can do it in your sleep, but you've still got to be ready for that curveball questionIt's exactly the same in an interview. You never know when the interviewer is going to deviate from the usual "So tell me about yourself" questions to "if you were a breakfast food, which would be"?  Your ability to think on your feet in a sales pitch will come in handy in interviews as well

  5. Both involving closing 

    The ability to “close” is the bread and butter of a salesperson. It’s the strong finish that can quash any concerns, push a maybe to a yes, or secures that next step. Those same questions you ask at the end of the sales pitch are the same you should ask in an interview- “Any questions for me”, “Any concerns you might still have?”, “What’s the next stage from here?” 

  6. You’ll get something out of both 

    Be it a new client, new contact, new job or just experience, something can be learned from every sales pitch, and from every interview. Even if the outcome is not what you wanted, you'll always walk away having gained something.

  7. Both require Charisma!

To succeed in sales, you have to have that little something- that (and I shudder, it’s such a cliché I know) X-factor. That same charisma you have, that helps you build rapport, land deals, is the same that could help you ace that interview as well

Next time you’re in an interview and starting to feel unsure of yourself and nervous, just remember these similarities, you’re great at what you do, an ace salesperson, so you should be an ace interviewee as well

Good luck, and if you need more help preparing for interviews, here are some articles that might be useful


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