Sales Recruitment Insight: 7 Out of The Box Ideas To Getting The Job

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The saying goes that, if you always do what you’ve always done, then you will always get what you’ve always gotten. So if the classic way of searching and applying for jobs isn’t getting you anywhere, perhaps you too need to try something just a bit different.

Some out of the box ideas to getting a sales job from a sales recruiter

I sat down with Padraig Leddy, Sales Recruitment Specialist here at Saleslogic, a sales recruitment company in London, to put together a list of some out of the box ideas to help when searching, applying, and interviewing for that dream job.

When searching for jobs:

Padraig’s advice:  Go straight to the source. “When looking through job boards for SaaS sales roles, for example, you often spot the same recruitment company posting multiple roles. Get in touch with them directly! This can save you having to apply for multiple roles that are going to the same place. Plus, finding the right recruiter for the type of roles you are looking for can open up jobs that are not even being advertised.

Don’t just stick to the job boards. Make a list of the companies you want to work for, and head straight to their website. It might take a bit longer, but your search will be more focused, and you are targeting companies you’d love to work with and have more enthusiasm for; it’s like picking the slice of cake you want, rather than being offered one.


When applying for jobs:

Keep a spreadsheet- While this won’t land you a job, it will certainly help keep things organised. Keep a spreadsheet of the roles you’ve applied for, the website you found the role on, the status (applied, interviewing etc.), and even the date the applications close. Keeping a spreadsheet is especially helpful to keep track of names and numbers when the phone starts ringing and you’re setting up interviews!

Send your CV in the post- The average number of applications we get at Saleslogic for any sales position is over 100- that’s a lot of email notifications to go through. So why not do something different and send your CV via the post? ‘In the age of email, it’s sometimes nice to receive post, and it shows an extra level of effort as well.’ This works for if you’re applying through a recruitment agency or even directly- add a note about what it is you’re looking for, or why you want to work at that particular company, and how you stand out from all the other applicants.

Find the connection- In an ideal world, the CEO would be your best friend and you wouldn’t even need to apply for the job. Sadly that’s not the case for most of us. Finding another connection can really help – even if the connection is to the company’s competitor. ‘If possible, give an example of how you beat out the competition in the past or landed a successful deal with them. This shows the company that your previous work experience has a direct relation to them, and people are always more likely to pick something they relate to or know.’ 


During the interview

Wear a watch backwards. If you struggle with nerves during an interview, or you tend to draw a blank and forget your own name, try wearing your watch backwards: each time you notice it, it can serve as a reminder for you to sit up straight, check how loud you’re speaking or just remember to relax.,

And lastly, a very out of the box idea to stop your hands shaking, courtesy of The Guardian- clench the muscles in your derriere – apparently, it’s impossible to have shaky hands with your bum clenched… who knew?!

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