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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Up this month for our recruiter profile is Graham Logan. Graham, our Zimbabwean gentle giant at 6’4, is Salesloigc's newest member. I chatted with him about how he’s finding life with Saleslogic, a busy London recruitment agency.

How or why did you get into recruitment?

I was playing rugby in Ireland and looking to move over to London and start a career. After speaking to a few friends who were in recruitment, I felt it was the right move for me as it would satisfy my hungry, competitive nature and be a good fit for my outgoing personality.

What was your idea of recruitment before you got into it?

I thought it was going to be a very cut-throat industry, facing constant disappointments and having to keep pushing through to get the results.

What’s your idea of it know?

It is a very competitive industry, and we do get let down from time to time, but it is so rewarding that it makes it all worthwhile. I am really enjoying the fast-paced, competitive nature, with small wins possible on a daily basis.

What’s something about recruitment that you think might surprise people?

It is not as cutthroat as many people think. It may just be in our offices, but we work very well together as a team, helping each other out with candidates for other people’s roles, and sharing the rewards.

Strangest client or candidate interaction so far?

I haven’t had any extremely strange ones yet, one thing I still find strange is when we speak to a candidate who seems very interested in a role but then don’t get back to you when you are trying to book them in for an interview.

One thing that candidates do that drives you crazy?

I hate it when candidates think that we are trying to hold them back. It is in our best interest to get candidates as many offers as possible so they can make the best decision for their future, but we also have to send relevant candidates over to our clients

Best advice for a candidate looking for a role?

Be completely open with everything, and fully commit to finding a new role. Many candidates express interest in roles and then pull out further down the line. We want to give people the chances to interview for roles, but if they are not genuinely interested in the company or the role, we would like to know early on so we can try and find other options for them.

How have you found living and working in London compared to Zimbabwe?

Growing up in Zimbabwe was a great experience. It is a beautiful place filled with amazing people and gave me a great education base, but there are just not the same numbers of job opportunities. London, on the other hand, is fast-paced, with millions of people constantly looking for jobs, with so many opportunities. I have found that the size and speed of London does mean that people are a little less friendly and everyone is so busy with their own things. Joining a rugby club and having great colleagues has really helped me settle into London though, and I’m really enjoying the change of pace

Favourite moment working at Saleslogic so far?

Getting my first client on board still stands out as a great moment, this may change with my first deal on the horizon...

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