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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Up this month for our recruiter profile is Eloise Morin. Eloise is best known in the office for her seemingly unending supply of snacks. With her designated snack drawer, well stocked with both sweet and savoury treats, she is well fuelled for her days here at Salesloigc, a busy London recruitment agency

How’d you get into recruitment?

I was a fresh grad and wanted to move to London and earn a decent amount of money. Coming from a sports science background I found the career opportunities in that industry quite limiting and the earning potential wasn’t great, I knew my sporting background and competitive nature would be suited to a role in recruitment.

What was your idea of recruitment before you got into it?

I thought it was just about making cold calls, and that it would be a very high pressured and cutthroat environment.

What’s your idea of it know?

It’s a lot more consultative and varied, not all about hitting the phone. We use lots of different methods of approach and networking to find top quality talent.

What’s something about recruitment that you think might surprise people?

Not all recruitment agencies are the same, you might hear a horror story about one but it doesn’t mean we are all the same.

One thing that candidates do that drives you crazy?

Being a sales recruiter it’s important to know a candidate targets and achievements, so when a candidate refuses to share this with you it makes it difficult to do our job.

Best advice for a candidate looking for a role?

Include targets/achievements on CV and any other successes.

Favourite moment working at Saleslogic so far?

Winning the Q3 2017 incentive, it was really rewarding seeing my hard work paying off.

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