Sales Leaders- The Signs of a Good and a Bad Sales Leader

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Signs you’re a good or bad sales leader

You could be the most talented, experience set of sailors the ocean has ever seen, but put a bad captain aboard and you’re likely to sink. Sometimes it’s easy to recognise a bad leader- a clue could be that the team is often seen banging their heads against the wall, or falling to reach team targets. Sometimes a bad leader can fly under the radar. The Saleslogic team have put together some signs that you might be dealing with a bad leader, and how to recognise a good one!

 The Bad The Good

The Bad: Dishonest

Says whatever is needed to get the deal closed. Lies always unravel eventually!

The GoodHonest

In sales, as in life your reputation can mean everything and is so easily destroyed by being dishonest. 

The Bad: I

A bad leader uses ‘I’ when they should be using ‘we’. A poor leader takes the credit for the actions of the team, and the glory for themselves

The Good: We

A good leader uses ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ as they know that the team’s success is about everyone working together

The Bad: Well in my day I...

They might think this is helpful and motivating but it’s often not, can be patronising and make you seem out of touch. 

The Good: Here are some technics that have worked for me in the past

Being supportive and sharing how to succeed rather than comparing them to you 

The Bad: Tells you what to do

A bad leader tells you what to do, but not how 

The Good: Shows you what to do

A good leader makes sure you know how to do something and supports and empowers you to succeed

The Bad: Micro Manages 

A poor leader stifles his staff and prevents them from doing their job 

The Good: Treats you like a professional

A great leader gives you the freedom to do your job, you obviously capable, otherwise why would they have hired you?

The Bad: I don’t care how just get the deal

Pushing clients or misleading clients into buying something they don’t need or want, won’t win you anything in the long run!

The Good: Knows when no, means no

A good leader should know that you’ve done what you can to make sure the client understands the benefits of your product. If it’s not right for the client, a good sales leader should never push for you to make a deal for the sake of it.

The Bad: Do as I say, not as I do

Bad behaviour is acceptable because they’re the boss

The Good: Leads by example

A good leader should lead by example. They should set the tone and the standard.

The Bad: Not calm under pressure

Fights fire with fire and gets into arguments with staff or even clients when things don’t go their way

The Good: Calm under pressure

Stays cool and calm even if the person on the other end of the phone isn’t – again, sets the tone for the office and keeps a level head

The Bad: If you don’t know, I can’t help you

Not being willing to help your team, is a clear sign leadership is not for you!

The Good: How can I help?

A good leader is helpful, but that doesn't just mean you hand them the answer.Your role is to lead, support and help your staff to do their job the best they can, it doesn't mean y

The Bad: Closed minded

Because no idea or suggestion could possibly be a good one if they didn’t think of it first! A poor leader is reluctant to change.

The GoodOpen Minded 

A great leader recognised the ideas of others.  A leader should be open to making changes and see them as an opportunity.

The Bad: Talks

Each meeting is an hour long monologue 

The Good: Listens

A great leader listens and learns 

The Bad: Poor communicator

Communication is unclear, infrequent or irrelevant. If they’re unable to explain something simply, it’s likely because they don’t themselves understanding it.

The Good: Great communicator

Communication is clear, frequent and relevant. A great leader is able to clearly and simply explain something because they understand it well, and how it relates to you.

The Bad: Doesn’t care about your success 

Your success or progression is not important because it’s not about them. They see the success of others as a threat and often hold people back or down to make themselves seem taller.

The GoodCares and wants you to succeed

A great leader is someone who lifts people up. They understand that you doing well is actually a positive representation of their leadership. Great leaders are the ones that create future great leaders.

So, are you a leader? Which column do you fit into? Do you perhaps recognise some of the above in your own leaders? Leadership isn’t for everyone. They might be a great salesperson, top in what they do, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re cut out to leading overs- and that’s ok! It’s crucial to recognise peoples strengths and weakness.  As an employee, the traits of a ‘good leader’ should easily be evident. It’s often said, that people don’t leave companies they leave leaders, so make sure you’re not losing good people because of a bad leader.

If you’re looking to recruit a new sales leader- give the Saleslogic team a call, we know the signs and can help you hire a great leader.

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