How to Ace a Phone Interview

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Great job - you’ve landed yourself a phone interview and you’re on the right track to securing that dream role. Whether this is your first phone interview or you’re a well-seasoned interviewee, we’ve selected our three favourite articles that will help you prepare for your interview and get called back for the second round!


This first article is packed full of advice and tips on what to expect in a phone interview, what you need to do to prepare and how to impress your interviewer right from the start:

How to Stand Out in a Phone Interview

More employers are using phone interviews as screening mechanisms to narrow down their applicant pool. These calls can range from short and perfunctory to long and in-depth, but either way, it's crucial to be prepared for them. [See our list of the 50 Best Careers.]


You might think that a phone interview is less daunting than a traditional in-person interview, however not having visual cues means you’ll have to work doubly hard on your communication skills and how you present yourself to your interviewer. This post shares all you need to know about prepping your body language and striking the right power pose to sound clear and confident!

Phone Interviews: Body Language Tips | CAREEREALISM

Why would you need body language tips for a phone interview when they can't see what you're doing? Because what you do affects your voice. Can you tell when you're talking to someone on the phone if they are distracted, tense, or interested and enthusiastic?


Last but not least, we thought it would beneficial to share some of the most common mistakes candidates make when it comes to phone interviews. Take a look at this post for six of the most common faux pas and how to avoid them:

6 Common Phone Interview Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid Just by Knowing What They Are

Recently I received this Twitter message: Hey Lisa, I did poorly in two recent phone interviews. Do you have any tips on that? I enjoy your podcast. Please help me! Thanks for your tweet. Unfortunately, it seems you learned the hard way that, today, phone interviews can easily get you knocked out of the race before the competition even heats up.


We hope you find these tips useful - if you’re looking for a new role in Sales, get in touch with our friendly team today!