How a Sales Recruitment Agency Can Help You Find a Job Faster

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Job hunting is pretty hard. It can be stressful, daunting and take forever.  So why go it alone? Looking for SaaS sales jobs, or digital sales jobs? Why not make life easier and speak to an expert. Sales recruitment consultants are a phone call away and could be the difference to finding a new role within weeks as opposed to months. Here is how a sales recruitment agency can help you find a job faster.

Well firstly, because companies use them. Call any sales recruitment agency and they will already have a ton of roles they’re trying to fill- one of them might be the job for you! Companies use sales recruitment agencies because they save them time and a lot of effort, why not do the same!

Another reason, to use them is that only 20% of roles are advertised. Yes, that’s right. For a number of reasons, a role might not be advertised. For example, a company might want to be quiet about their hiring requirements, they might be expanding and not want the competition to know. If you’re going it alone, you’re ever only seeing 20% of the roles available. A sales recruitment agency can open up that other 80% because;

They’ve also got all the connections. Following from above, with only a small piece of the pie ever on show, a sales recruitment consultant can help you find your slice, by connecting you with their extensive network. Looking for a digital sales role, but not finding anything? Your recruitment consultant can ‘network’ you to the companies you’d love to work with, opening doors that would otherwise have been shut.

They do the heavy lifting for you. Be you a candidate or client, they do the hard yards for you. The average number of applications for any role is over 80! That’s a lot of CV’s for an employer to wade through; the sales recruitment agency does it for them, making the process from advertising to interviewing much much quicker.

The competition for each role is tough. If you’re working with a sales recruitment agency, you’ve already been ‘vetted’. Your experience and skill set is already known and tested by the Sales recruitment consultant. The client doesn’t have to waste time validating your experience or making sure your skills match. If you’ve been offered an interview, they already know you could do the job because the recruitment consultant has already confirmed it.

Because they know what the industry wants. Sales recruitment agencies know what it takes to get those digital sales jobs or SaaS sales jobs. You might think your perfect for the role and your friendly sales recruitment consultant can help you make changes to your CV to better reflect that, or help you prepare for that all-important interview

Find the right Sales Recruitment Agency for you

You want to find an agency that has the types of jobs you want- Going to any other agency that fills roles from road worker to CEO won’t have the same expertise or focus, you might find your time wasted, and search a lot longer

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