Choosing the right recruitment agency – let us help!

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Let’s face it. There are tonnes of recruitment agencies with their own USP’s out there to choose from – around 40,000 registered in the UK actually! So how on earth do you choose the right one to represent your company and support you with your search? Shortlist the right agency and you’ll save time and money as a client and receive better opportunities as a candidate.

How do you make your final choice? We’ve pulled together some pointers to aid you in your search for a great recruitment agency.

1. Do your research. If their website shows their team, is the team constantly changing or are they long-standing employees? Those agencies with consistent staff allow you to you to speak to the same person more than once and build a great working relationship. Our own team are as stable as you could hope for!

2. Contact the agencies and ask questions. Do they answer the phone within a reasonable time, sound efficient and call you back if you request it? Test their market expertise by asking them how busy the market is, what their turnaround time is or for a salary survey. Discuss your options and make sure you’re happy with the process before you proceed.

3. Meet your agency! Although it’s a little more difficult during a pandemic, if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that anything is possible online! We recommend scheduling a Zoom/Teams/Skype meeting to build an efficient and effective relationship to work together moving forward. As well as this, a virtual meeting is so much easier than constant back and forth emails!

4. Give as much information up front as possible about the kind of role or employee you’re looking for. Expect to be asked a series of questions – a great recruitment agency will strive to delve into the depths of information to ensure that you’re paired with your perfect match!

5. Who else have they worked with? To get the measure of a recruitment agency, you only have to look at their clients. A good agency, even moderately new ones, should have several successful campaigns in their portfolio.

We love working at Saleslogic and more so, we love speaking to clients and candidates, longstanding and new. Looking for a sales recruitment agency? Get in touch with us and see first-hand how unique and forward-thinking we can proudly demonstrate we are.

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