A chat with Luke Richards about making a career change

Friday, February 10, 2017

According to the London School of Business, 47% of the UK work force would like to make a career change. In London that number rises to a 55% and for millennials, it’s even higher, with 67% of London based millennials wanting to make a career change.

I spoke with Luke Richards, Saleslogics newest recruiter, about his career change into recruitment. Is it all he expected? What advice does he have for others looking to make a switch?

What were you doing before this? ‘I was working in customer service. It was a good job and enjoyed it, but it wasn’t a career. When I saw the opportunity to join a recruitment company, I leapt at it, hopped on a train and made the move to London.’

What made you want to do recruitment? ‘I thought it could be a great career, something I would enjoy and thought I could excel at – talking, relationship building with candidates and clients are things I’ve always enjoyed.’

What did you think recruitment was going to be like? ‘I honestly thought it would involve making 100’s of outbound calls a day! ‘

What is it actually like? ‘It’s really interesting. You speak with a lot of people from different backgrounds and experiences. There are outbound calls, but many different aspects of the job and you’re always busy.’

What do you like most about it? ‘I really enjoy getting to know a candidate and trying to match them to a suitable position. We spend so much time at work, so knowing you’ve matched a person with a position that really suits them, and where they’ll do well is rewarding, challenging but rewarding.’

What do you like less? ‘Nothing yet!’

What do you suggest to those wanting to make a career change? ‘If your career isn’t heading in the direction you’d hoped and you’re not fulfilled then 100% make the change. Nothing worse than stagnating in the wrong job when the right job could be just around the corner’.

How do you make the move into something new? ‘The beauty of transferable skills! In my previous roles, I had experience in dealing with people and building relationship. These are key skills in being a recruiter, so despite not having been a recruiter before, I knew I had at least some of the required skill set, and tailored my CV to reflect that.’

We spend around a third of our lives working, not including the years taken to study or train for that work. If you’re not fully satisfied, be brave, make the change, like Luke said, the right job could be just around the corner.

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