VATbox- Finding a true understanding

Monday, January 9, 2017

Vatbox is an award winning company offering VAT recovery solutions, with four global offices.

Vatbox first got in touch at the beginning of 2016, following a referral from another Israeli company we’d worked with.

They came to us looking to fill two senior sales roles. They were very particular in what it was they were looking for, this at first, provided some challenges. We persevered to fully understand exactly what was needed and we were able to deliver a number of people to them across the year in the UK and Germany.

Meeting with the client helped and within the year of working together we’ve moved to a true partnership and understanding, which is what we at Saleslogic enjoy most. It was a tough nut to crack but worthwhile. Israeli’s work Sunday’s and have different holidays so you need to prepare for calls at different times but when you enjoy the partnership that is no problem.

The two senior sales people we have placed have both told us how much they are enjoying it and that is the best feedback of all.


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