Saleslogic Partner with Israeli Companies

Friday, September 25, 2015

For any growing company, hiring a VP as the first employee, in a new country, can be a risky situation. They will often need someone who can work self-sufficiently, but also someone who can sell as well as scale the business. There is considerable investment in this process and this makes it vital to find the right hire.

Kampyle were recently faced with such a scenario. This Israel based organization are a pioneer in feedback analytics and customer feedback systems, which helps businesses to excel in online lead generation, optimize lead capture landing pages, overcome shopping cart abandonment, etc. Similar to online questionnaires or online surveys, Kampyle's feedback forms enable you to listen to the voice of customer and to improve customer satisfaction. Kampyle offers feedback form software for small businesses as well as for enterprises, including enterprise feedback management.

Saleslogic were tasked with finding a suitable candidate and after an exhaustive process, helped Kampyle settle on a VP who was comfortable with the challenges of such a role, and who had worked in a similar role in the past.
This candidate has been in the role for a while now and is continuing to help them successfully grow their EMEA business.

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