Interview Advice

Your performance at interview will often be the key factor in determining your success in being offered your dream job. Saleslogic recommends you look at the following points before you set foot in the reception of a company.

Research the web site of the company thoroughly and show that you have spent time preparing for the interview. This is a basic tip but one that is often overlooked and if not done will normally lead to one outcome!

Give yourself plenty of time to find the company office so you don't feel rushed. However don't arrive too early as interviewers can be busy and get a little annoyed if someone turns up 30 minutes before the interview is due to commence. It is good to be enthusiastic but we would recommend arriving around 10 minutes early as a good balance.

Have at least 3-5 five business questions ready to prove you have thought about the opportunity and are well prepared. For examples of good interview questions please speak to your Saleslogic consultant.

Absorb the requirements of the role and think about how your experience is relevant. A positive attitude is very useful but decision makers will often require a proven track record of success or at least examples of where your attitude has heralded results. Know your CV and background inside out so you can give tangible examples of success. For example “I won a 300k deal by ......"

Presentation is also crucial. By this we mean your personal presentation as well as body language during the meeting. You should be dressed in accordance with the company you are meeting. If you are not sure, check beforehand on the dress culture of the company and if in doubt ensure you are as smart as possible. When at the meeting maintain good eye contact when listening and talking and maintain a positive energy. Slouching or diverting attention through distracting habits is not recommended.

Listening skills are also important. Let the person finish before talking and to ensure you have understood summarize their point when appropriate "So from what you are saying, you are looking for....."

An interview should be viewed like a client presentation. You will prepare and ask relevant questions during the meeting. Also a vital point is to summarize the meeting and find out what the next steps are. A further interview perhaps or maybe a job offer! An interviewer will view your performance at interview as a guide to how you will perform in the role and so this structure will be well received.

Drink plenty of water and enjoy the meeting. After all this is your career as well. As much as a company need to ensure a fit you need to do the same and a good company should also present the opportunity to you in a favourable light should things go well.

Relax, enjoy and go for it!