Inside Sales Jobs In The West End - 21st September 2015

Looking for inside sales jobs? Are you keen to take the next step in your career? For some of the best sales jobs going, in London and beyond, you need look no further than Saleslogic.

With inside sales, employees will be very much focused on finding and securing new business. With an inside sales job, you can immerse yourself into the culture of the business or organisation, growing within it, and playing a key role in its prosperity and growth.

For any role in sales, if you’re looking for the right new employment opportunity for you then our specialist sales consultants will be able to help. Saleslogic is a specialist sales, services, e-commerce, and services and marketing recruiter with coverage across the UK and EMEA. If you’re looking specifically for jobs in sales in the West End then we can help, as we have a range of positions which are London-based.

If you’re looking for inside sales jobs or a new role in sales, you can find all the best opportunities at Saleslogic.

Find Business Development Jobs In London - 14th September 2015

Business development professionals forge opportunities for an organisation’s growth. If you have a background in sales and you’re adept at building business relationships and networking than a role in business development might be for you.

Looking for a new job in business development? Working in business development is varied and exciting, and there are always new opportunities available. Depending on your particular area of expertise and experience, the team at Saleslogicwill be able to help you find the right new position for you.

From entry-level positions to business development management and executive roles, if you want to find a new job in the field then you need look no further than Saleslogic.

At Saleslogic our clients rely on us to produce both the best candidates and the right guidance and advice. With an extensive portfolio of clients, we will be able to find the right job for you. Whether you're looking for permanent or contract vacancies, here at Saleslogic we're passionate about bringing the most skilled and talented candidates together with leading employers in the field.

Solutions Consultant Roles InSaaS - 7th September 2015

Are you looking for your next SaaS consultant role? Then take a look at Saleslogic. The team at Saleslogic offer a first-class sales, services and marketing recruitment service, with acore focus on UK, France and Germany. They have an excellent track record whenit comes to helping companies find the right team members. Why not talk to themif you need to find the right sales staff to take you forward or are seekingyour next sales role? The team have vast experience to draw upon and can be counted on to deliver the excellence that you require. Why not take a look around the website today to find out more about what they do?

A First-Class Recruitment Service

Saleslogic help prestigious companies from a range ofsectors to find and retain the very best staff. You are welcome to get in touchwith the Saleslogic team today if you require an informal chat about findingthe best and most relevant openings and moving onto the next stage of yourcareer. The recruitment experts at Saleslogic know the jobs market inside outand are always keeping themselves up to date with the very latest developments.To find out more, simply head to the homepage.

SaaS Director Of Sales Roles In London - 31st August 2015

The Software as a Service (SaaS) industry is in good shape, and across the industry more and more roles are being created every week. Competition for the top level jobs is fierce, but if you have a strong track record of delivering in your career so far, then management level or director level roles are inevitably the next step.

There are many sales roles available within the industry, including that of Sales Director and Sales Executive, but when it comes down to it, it’s really just about the experience you have in selling a complex SaaS software package to potential clients and your proved ability to hit and exceed pre-set targets.

With the SaaS sector continuing to grow and expand in the UK and abroad, the sales opportunities are also increasing. If you’re looking for a job within the increasingly competitive SaaS industry then you need look no further than Saleslogic.

Do you have the ability to manage working relationships? Do you have experience of selling SaaS software and hitting targets? For all the best sales roles in London within SaaS, turn to Saleslogic.

Marketing Jobs In The UK - 24th August 2015

Looking for a new job opportunity? Maybe you’ve been unsuccessful so far with your applications and are seeking a little guidance and advice from a recruitment consultant?

Saleslogic aims to offer the highest level of service in the industry to both clients and candidates. As a specialist sales, services, marketing, and E-commerce recruiter, we’re well-equipped to find jobs for candidates seeking employment in any of these areas. We also cover a range of industries, from IT and market research to E-commerce.

The jobs market is generally a very competitive, sometimes volatile, place. It’s no surprise if you’d prefer to have a recruitment consultant navigate you through it. The jobs market is especially competitive for top level talent, and our aim here at Saleslogic is to ensure that companies hire and retain the best possible candidates.

So, whether you’re looking for a role within the IT industry or a role in marketing or sales, why not let Saleslogic guide you to your next role?

Sales Recruitment Agency Online - 17th August 2015

Do you want to make a difference in sales? Are you looking for new opportunities and new challenges in a new sales role? Saleslogic is, primarily, a sales recruitment agency which can help you land the job of your dreams.

Sales jobs are competitive, so to succeed you will need confidence, drive, and ambition. You will also need to be comfortable with and confident in your ability to work to targets and meet deadlines, especially when under pressure. You will need to be able to deal with people at all levels, have a good phone manner, and the right attitude and the right approach, allowing you to put people at ease.

If you’re looking for a sales recruitment agency then you can register online with Saleslogic. As a specialist sales, marketing, and E-commerce recruiter we provide coverage across a range of industry sectors. So if you’re looking for a new role in sales, we might well be able to find you the right sales role in the right industry. So why not get in touch today, and take your next step in a new career?

Sales Roles in the UK - 10th August 2015

Are you confident, self-assured, and persuasive? Do you want to embark on a career in sales? Perhaps you’re an established salesperson already, keen to move up the career ladder?

Not all sales roles are the same, and each role may require a slightly different range of competencies if the candidate is to be successful in the role. Whether you’re at entry level or executive level, you will need to be comfortable with approaching people and chatting to people on the phone, and you will need to have a good knowledge of the business and its objectives.

If you’re on the lookout for new sales roles then there’s no time like the present, and Saleslogic will be able to support and assist you throughout the search, providing you with access to all the best opportunities on offer. Our specialist sales consultants really know their field, and will be able to help you find a job in sales across multiple industries. As a recruiter, we have coverage across the UK and EMEA.

Looking for sales roles in the UK? Choose Saleslogic.

Digital Sales Recruiters West End London City - 3rd August 2015

Are you looking for a new role in digital sales? Do you want to work in London? The IT industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK. Jobs are always being pushed forward, so for candidates with the right amount of passion and the right level of commitment –and, of course, the right skill set for the role – there will always be something new to seek out.

Saleslogic specialises in sales recruitment, and we cover the IT and tech sectors, among others. As experienced digital sales recruiters, we will be able to put you in contact with some exciting employers and new job opportunities. Regardless as to your level of sales experience, if you have the skills, the passion, and the commitment to make it work for an employer then you’ll be in a good position to land the role you want, and Saleslogic can guide, support, and advise you in this.

Saleslogic offers recruitment solutions to a variety of industry sectors, but sales roles are some of the key positions we recruit for. Find your next sales role with the help and support of our specialist team of sales consultants.

Software as a Service Sales Jobs - 27th July 2015

Software as a Service (SaaS) is becoming increasingly popular among businesses looking to streamline and improve field service operations. Whether you’re an established salesperson looking for a new position in a company with strong growth or you’re in search of a sales job at entry level, then the specialist sales team at Saleslogic can help you find that new position. We provide opportunities to candidates across different industries in sales jobs, so you can guarantee that we’ll find the right role for you.

A sales job involves building new business opportunities and catching new clients in order to increase revenue and promote growth. Software and the larger technology sector is taking on more and more people in sales roles. With the sector continuing to grow and expand in the UK, the sales opportunities available are increasing.

Why not find your new role with guidance and support from Saleslogic? Our knowledge of sales marks us out as a recruitment service provider you can rely on to give you the best advice and guidance when navigating the jobs market. The employment process isn’t easy, even if you have job experience at your fingertips, so a little help might go a long way.

Find Software Sales Jobs London - 20th July 2015

A salesperson has to know how to sell a service or a product to a client or a potential client, but before you can do that you have to be able to sell yourself to a prospective employer. Employers and recruitment agencies alike will evaluate and weigh up how well you sell yourself during the application stage as an indication of your sales ability and prowess. When selling anything, whether it’s an idea, a concept, a service, or a product, it’s all about developing a relationship quickly with the person you’re trying to sell to. It’s also about how you present yourself to others, how you communicate, and how you react under pressure. There are many aspects of your personality and behaviour which an employer will use in their examination of how good you would be in their sales role, but a little help goes a long way.

Help in sourcing sales jobs can be best found at recruitment agencies which specialise in these types of roles, such as us here at Saleslogic. Specialising in salesjobs across the industries of software, e-commerce, IT, market research, and business services, we can help you find the right role for you.

Find Business Development Jobs London - 13th July 2015

Are you dynamic, sharp, switched on, innovative? Do you love networking and talking to people? When it comes to landing business development jobs, you need to be able to sell yourself persuasively. Of course, the same can be said of any interview, but you need to convince your prospective employer that you’re the best person for the job.

Business development executives and managers work within their companies to seek, develop, and generate new business opportunities. The responsibilities of those in business development roles will vary depending on the size of the company they work for and the nature of the services and products they offer. In a business development role, a head for economics and finance is important, as well as strong people skills and negotiating skills. It’s vital that you know the industry you work in well, and know how to communicate with a wide range of people.

If you want to find business development jobs in London or around the London area then Saleslogic is the recruitment resource to choose. As a specialist sales and business development job recruitment agency, at any one time, we have a variety of roles on offer, pairing the most suitable candidates with the right roles.

Business Development Job Recruitment - 6th July 2015

 Do you want to step into the dynamic world of business development? Business development covers different focus areas, but your aim will be on developing growth opportunities between other organisations.To be successful in business development you will need to have a firm grasp on and knowledge of the market place, which includes clients and competitors. Business development also involves the successful promotion of your business in the marketplace while forging and fostering relationships with other businesses. Does this sound like your ideal job role? Are you keen to work in a sales-led role with a focus on the business side of things?

For business development job recruitment in the UK, Saleslogic is an important resource for employers and job seekers alike. If you want to benefit from our expertise and our wide knowledge of the market, then get in touch. As a specialist sales and marketing recruiter, we focus on a wide range of roles, including business development. The industries we concentrate on include IT, e-commerce, and market research.

Get the help, specialist advice and support you need from Saleslogic.

Sales jobs in e-commerce software - 29th June 2015

 Working in sales in the e-commerce software sector is the perfect entry point for sales graduates with bright minds and passion and drive. In the same way, candidates with more experience can find a role which suits their skills and background, putting what they have learned to good use in a more challenging role and a new environment.

The e-commerce sector is bright, and there will always be great opportunities for those who want to work in a sales role. You just need to know where to look or who to turn to if you’re chasing an entry level role or looking for your next challenge within the industry.

Are you looking to secure a role in the ecommerce software sectors? Are you looking for sales jobs?

Saleslogic can help. Our ecommerce/digital team offers a huge range of opportunities across the spectrum. So, if you’re looking for your next opportunity or you’re an employer looking for the next new member of your team, Saleslogic is the recruitment resource to call on.

We offer a varied selection of sales jobs across the software, ecommerce, IT, market research, and business servicessector, and our portfolio includes sales jobs at all levels.

Business Development Job Recruitment - 22nd June 2015

Business development is all about pitching, identifying and securing new leads, establishing new business relationships, and maintaining those new business relationships. A business development job will combine elements of business strategy and analysis, sales, and marketing.Part of a business development role, especially someone at a managerial or executive level, will look to forge and create opportunities for business growth, expanding the company’s influence and strengthening its position in the field.

Are you interested in sales and marketing?Are you interested in building new relationships in a key role? If you think business development is the right career move for you then Saleslogic is keen to meet you. Whether you’re already established in the field of business development and are merely looking for your next role or you’re looking to get your first foot on the ladder, Saleslogic has the recruitment expertise you need.

Saleslogic is a specialist sales and marketing recruiter, and recruits for a range of industries, including IT, e-commerce, and market research. We work to give candidates the best support and the best opportunity for success while helping our clients to hire and retain the best candidates.

Sales Recruitment Agencies London - 15th June 2015

Are you a candidate looking for a new sales position? Perhaps you’re an employer hoping to recruit staff to join your sales team? In both cases, it’s important to find a recruitment agency who has the best chance of meeting your needs.

Sales roles are available in numerous industries. It is a profession that requires charisma, good communication skills, good social skills, people skills, a slight competitive edge, and commercial awareness. Sales roles often require the ability to be able to network effectively and the ability to connect and communicate with the people you’re selling to and offering services to. Is this you? Are you looking for a specialist sales recruiter who can help you find the right role? Look to Saleslogic.

Here at Saleslogic we have a specialist sales recruitment division dedicated to placing the best candidates into the rights roles and succeeding the expectations of employers in search of the right candidate.

Saleslogic offers recruitment solutions to a variety of industry sectors, but sales recruitment is one of the key positions were cruit for. Find your next opportunity with the help of the specialist sales team at Saleslogic.

Business Development Jobs London - 8th June 2015

Looking for jobs in business development and sales? Do you want to be a business development professional? The job title of ‘Business Development Executive’ or similar is highly-prized, especially in the technology sector where the business development professionals are busy networking and forging new alliances and new business relationships. Do you have the qualities necessary to work in business development?

To succeed in a business development role you need to enjoy and thrive off of social interaction, and you need to like people. Those who succeed know how to make the best of a tricky situation, and know how to adapt in order to overcome any obstacles which might be in their way. A business professional needs to be a good negotiator, and needs to feel strongly about the importance of forging long-term business relationships.

Do you want to succeed in a business development role? Are you searching for business development jobs in London?Look to the team at Saleslogic to help you seize your next employment opportunity.

Saleslogic is a specialist in sales and business development job recruitment. We work with clients and candidates across the software, e-commerce, IT, market research, and business services industries.

Find a Business Development Job in London - 1st June 2015

Business development combines sales, marketing, and analysis. As a business development professional you can be involved in anything from creating marketing strategies to negotiating and closing deals. Business development professionals can be found working in many different industries, from pharmaceutical organisations to technology companies. The nature of the role depends on the industry and the size of the business.

Combining marketing and sales, you will need to have a head for business and an interest in everything that’s going on in your industry, all the latest trends and market developments, as well as having a good understanding of the business you work for and its competition in the market.

To succeed in a business development job, and longer term in a business development career, you’ll need strong business acumen. You’ll need good research skills, sound analytical skills, and be able to communicate and negotiate effectively. Is this you? Are you looking for a new business development job?

Saleslogic is a specialist in sales and business development job recruitment as well as marketing and e-commerce, working with clients and candidates across the software, e-commerce, IT, market research, and business services industries.

Find Sales Jobs in the UK - 25th May 2015

Looking to take that next step in your career? Perhaps you already work as a salesperson for a company but are keen to land a more challenging role?

Working as a salesperson you’ll learn how to find new clients, manage client expectations, pacify dissatisfied clients, and close deals. Selling services and products is not about selling somebody something they don’t need. It’s about listening to someone to discover their problems before putting forward a solution.

Many of the skills you learn, use and develop as a salesperson are generally applicable in a wide range of other employment roles, so for any salesperson looking to make a sideways career move, you should have many options open to you. If, however, you want to continue on the same path but want to find a new and inspiring opportunity then you can do so through Saleslogic.

If you need to find sales jobs in the UK, turn to the team at Saleslogic. As an established recruitment agency, we work to place the best talent into the right role. We manage a great range of roles across the software, e-commerce, IT, market research, and business services sectors, bringing the best people together.

Are You Looking for Sales Jobs in London? - 18th May 2015

Looking to find a new sales job in London? Are you an experienced salesperson? Perhaps you’re hoping to land your first job in a sales roles?

A valuable resource for any candidate in search of a new employment adventure in sales isa specialist sales recruitment agency. The choosing of a recruitment agency need not be a job in itself. A recruitment provider worth its weight in salt might already have established a solid reputation in the field.

At Saleslogic we like to think our solid reputation is testament to our skill in placing the right candidates in the right roles within the right companies and organisations. We offer an extensive selection of roles across the software, e-commerce, IT, market research, and business services sector, and our extensive portfolio includes sales jobs at all levels.

Regardless as to whether you are already well-established within your field or are a relative newcomer to the industry, Saleslogic’s sales consultants know their sector. We’re here to help. Are you eager to progress further within the world of sales? We’re Saleslogic, and we’re pleased to meet you.

Business Development Job Recruitment Information - 11th May 2015

 Whether you’re starting your career in sales or are an experienced executive, a person who works in business development is essential to the success of any company.Working in business development makes you the driving force behind generating new sale leads. It is also your responsibility to pitch to potential clients about what your business has to offer. You’ll need to have a good sales technique, good communication and negotiating skills, have a shrewd head for business, and be a tireless networker on behalf of your company.

Are you looking to take the first or the next step in your career in business development? Do you require business development job recruitment information from a leading recruiter in the field? Perhaps you’re an employer looking to secure the talents of a business development professional?

Saleslogic is a specialist in sales and business development job recruitment as well as marketing and e-commerce, working with clients and candidates across the software, e-commerce, IT, market research, and business services industries. Our clients rely on us for both candidates and advice during the hiring process. Markets are competitive when it comes to snapping up the top talent, and our clear focus is on ensuring companies hire the best and most suitable candidates available on the market.

Find Sales Recruitment Agencies in London - 4th May 2015

Are you ready to take the next step up the employment ladder? Are you looking for the best sales recruitment agencies in London? Perhaps you’re an employer looking to source top sales talent from across the UK and the EMEA?

Saleslogic is a specialist in sales recruitment as well as marketing and e-commerce, working with clients and candidates across the software, e-commerce, IT, market research, and business services industries. Our core markets are the UK, France and Germany, and our extensive experience means that our clients rely on us to deliver advice and guidance throughout the hiring process.

Our specialist consultants here at Saleslogic are committed to helping you take the next best step in your career and committed to uniting our clients with the best and the most suitable candidates. Our knowledge of sales marks us out as a recruitment service provider you can rely on to give you the best advice and guidance when navigating the jobs market.

As one of the leading sales recruitment agencies, we regularly work with clients and candidates across a broad range of sales roles. With experience comes sound objectivity, and we can support both our clients and candidates in making the right decisions during the recruitment process.

Find Software Sales Jobs Online - 27th April 2015

Are you looking to advance your career in software sales? Perhaps you are new to the profession and are looking to land your first job in the industry?

The sales industry is demanding, customer-focused and exciting, and if you’re hoping to find software sales jobs then your best option is to lean on the expertise of a specialist recruiter who has direct access to some of the best opportunities currently available in this corner of the industry.

Saleslogic is ideally-equipped to help you land the job you’ve been looking for. As a specialist sales, services, marketing and e-commerce recruiter we regularly work with clients and candidates across the software, e-commerce, IT, market research, and business services industries. We have a track record in the successful placement of candidates in roles in which they thrive and in helping companies hire successful teams.

It’s often not easy to pin down the role that’s most suitable for you on your own. Objectivity and industry experience count for a lot, and our specialist sales consultants will be able to aid you in your search and help you secure a new position in software sales which benefits both yourself and your new employer    

Find Account Manager Positions in the UK - 20th April 2015

 An account manager’s primary function is to maintain positive relationships with the company’s existing client or clients to ensure the client continues to use the company for business. In sales, the account manager is responsible for managing the relationship with the client. The role naturally requires skill in customer service, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and an ability to juggle multiple responsibilities while working well under pressure.

The sales industry is changeable, demanding, fast-paced, customer-led and exciting, and if you’re hoping to find account manager positions within it then your best bet is to enlist the expertise of a specialist sales recruiter in the UK.

If you’re looking for account manager positions then you’ve come to the right place. Saleslogic boasts an impress record in placing the right candidates into the right jobs across a diverse range of roles in sales, services, marketing and e-commerce.

If you’ve got the right credentials and the appropriate background employment experience and would like to take the next step in your career, then we can help you take that next step, and take it smoothly and successfully. The specialist sales consultants at Saleslogic are dedicated to helping you advance your career and realise your ambitions in the field.

Find Account Manager Jobs in the UK - 13th April 2015

When the hunt for a new job is on, you’ll want to have all the best advice and resources at your disposal to help you in your search. No matter how much experience you have in your particular field or how eminent your career has been to this point, it can still be hard to find the right role with the right company or organisation.

Multiple job sectors are creating more new roles every week for both graduates and experienced professionals alike, but candidates not only need to find new ways of setting themselves apart from the rest but will also want to gain access to as wide a pool of employment opportunities as possible in the relevant industry sector. And where is the best place to find out about all the current employment opportunities and jobs vacancies in your specialist field? Through a relevant specialist recruitment agency.

If you’re looking for account manager jobs in the UK then Saleslogic can provide the guidance and support you need to find the right role for you. We manage many account manager jobs across multiple industry sectors, including IT, market research, and E-Commerce, and at any one time have multiple job opportunities for account managers. We can help you find the right position for you that’s in line with your skills, employment experience, and career direction.

Business Development and Sales Job Recruitment - 23rd March 2015

Getting sales and business development recruiting right is crucial for any business and organisation. Hiring the wrong candidate will cost you dearly and potentially lose you customers, productivity and a whole load of lost opportunities. However, when hiring the right sales and business development professionals it can positively impact both revenue and profits.

Saleslogic are UK sales and business development job recruitment leaders and recruit the right candidates that best sell and represent your company. The market place is very challenging and demanding, but thanks to our years of experience, we seek out top performers that are essential for building success. 

Out reputable recruitment team also help find all candidates the positions they’ve been waiting for with leading organisations and businesses throughout the UK. Saleslogic have the right connections and skills to ensure each sales and business development professional is matched with the ideal company. If you've got the talent, we want to know about it. 

So, whether you’re looking for candidates that can further the success of your business or want a role that utilises your full potential, our job recruitment specialists will take care of it.

Visit our website at or call us on 020 3751 1405 to speak with the  business development and sales job recruitment experts.

Are You Looking for Sales Jobs in London? - 16th March 2015

London is full of great sales positions just ready and waiting to be taken by the ideal candidates. However, finding the right sales jobs is a whole lot easier when you have the right connections. Saleslogic are recruitment specialists that not only have the best business and organisation contacts, we make certain our candidates get the opportunity to utilise their sales talent.

Whether you want us to find you the best applicants or you want the dream sales job, we make it happen across London. By completing thorough assessments, our professional recruitment team can facilitate all parties. From junior sales jobs to sales management experts, we match the right candidate with the right organisation.

Having already secured thousands of roles in the city, Saleslogic make sure your career move is for the better. If you specialise in a certain industry, we guarantee to find ideal opportunities, or if you’re looking for a change, we can help. We care about our candidates and make sure they work for reputable companies that offer the best prospects.

So, if feel like you’ve got something to offer to some of the most influential businesses that are looking for sales talent, we’ll make sure you get the permanent contract you deserve.

To view our current sales jobs in London visit our websiteat Alternatively, you can call us on 020 3751 1405 tospeak with a member of our recruitment team.

Specialist Sales Recruitment - 9th March 2015

Looking for a specialist sales recruitment agency with a leading reputation and success rate? Well, it just so happens that you are in the right place, as Saleslogic match thousands of candidates with the right organisations across the UK.

With the best range of sales roles on our database and organisation connections, you never need to wait long for the perfect sales role. If you’ve got the talent and experience, we guarantee to find you the position you’ve been waiting for. As specialist sales recruiters, we also help your businesses and organisations by finding you exceptional candidates.

Whether you are looking for sale target roles or management positions, we listen to what you want and deliver. Just because we might not have an ideal solution to your career change right now, doesn’t mean we can’t hunt one down. Our specialist sales recruitment team are dedicated to helping you make a positive professional move and find your calling.

Check out our permanent sales opportunities at or get in touch on 020 3751 1405.

Business Development Job Recruiter - 2nd March 2015

Are you looking for the best business development roles throughout the UK? Do you need experienced individuals who can contribute to the sales process at your business? Saleslogic are leading business development job recruiters with the ability to assess candidates and clients to find the perfect fit.

We help and advise both candidates and organisations to get the right results for each. Our professional and experienced recruiters specialise in finding the best opportunities for all candidates looking to further their careers in business development.

Saleslogic can help you with roles that include duties such as gaining sales appointments, developing strategies, developing business partnerships, writing proposals, sales telephone skills and a whole lot more. From junior to management opportunities, we find permanent positions throughout theUK, including business development executive and director roles.

The key area to our success is finding the right fit between candidate skills and job requirements and understanding what both are really looking for. Our business development job recruiters provide top quality services to some of the UK’s most reputable organisations.

So, if you’re a business or organisation looking for the perfect candidate, or a talented candidate looking for the perfect role, look no further.

Check out Saleslogic’s latest permanent business development job opportunities today at

EMEA Sales Recruiters - 23rd February 2015

Are you looking for the best sales positions across the UK and Europe? Are you in need of exceptional sales talent to work with you at your company? Saleslogic are specialist sales recruiters who help you find the perfect sales positions and the right candidates to suit your organisations unique needs.

With coverage across the UK and in EMEA, Saleslogic provideUK based candidates with access to opportunities in the UK and the European market. As leading sales recruiters we continually seek ways of improving our permanent recruitment offerings, so we can enhance our candidates and clients opportunity for success.

Our core markets include the UK, France and Germany and we cover an extensive range of industries that offer the best sales positions to the right people. We have established strong international relationships with an adverse range of clients who trust us to deliver positive candidate impacts on their companies.

We combine our experience, contacts and expertise to match the right candidate with the ideal organisations. As well-connected EMEA sales recruiters, we pride ourselves on being respected nationally and internationally and on personal recommendations made by our existing clients and candidates.

To check out Saleslogic’s permanent UK and EMEA job opportunities, contact the sales recruiters that matter via our website at

Find Software Sales Jobs in the UK - 16th February 2015

Have you been thinking of getting in to software sales? Do you have experience in being a software sales executive? Are you looking for permanent software sales positions in the UK? 

Saleslogic understand how challenging changing your career can be and how much of an impact it can have on your life. As recruitment specialists, we offer you the best permanent opportunities and honest advice to ensure the impact is always positive.

We have a huge client portfolio full of some of the best UK organisations and businesses. Saleslogic continually source the best applicants who are enthusiastic and motivated in software sales. If you have a passion for hitting targets and solution selling, you are most certainly in the right place.

Our key strength is our experience and our ability to truly understand our people. We listen, stay focused and provide proactive outcomes thanks to our passion and determination. As well-connected recruiters that are respected across the sales software market, we find opportunities that are often created for exceptional talent. 

With Saleslogic’s help, you too can soon be working with one of the largest software sales companies in the UK.

If you’ve come to a stage in your life where you wish to further your software sales career, we welcome you to check out our permanent job opportunities at

Sales Roles in the UK - 2nd February 2015

Finding the right sales role in today’s economy can be tough if you don’t know where to look. The truth is, there are many great opportunities waiting to be filled by talented and professional candidates. The sales sector is a highly competitive place so you need to make sure you are fully prepared for all the opportunities that come your way.

At Saleslogic, we help to recruit thousands of candidates across the UK every year. After completing an assessment or meeting with us, we guarantee to secure you a new sales role. We match you with the right company or organisation that offers you valuable sales opportunities.   

As specialist recruiters, Saleslogic recruit candidates capable of filling all levels of sales roles right through to management placements. Our expertise stretch across a wide range of industry sectors so we can find the best opportunities for each individual. We spot excellent opportunities, offer effective guidance and work hard to deliver results.

Our experienced recruitment consultants excel at finding sales roles in organisations that are respected across the UK. We provide the best possible service to both our clients and candidates by understanding each needs to facilitate the perfect match for all parties.  

Saleslogic don’t just find sales roles, we find career opportunities. We combine experience, passion, our strengths and influential network to source the best permanent contracts. We truly enjoy exceeding our candidate’s expectations and delivering success on every level.

Please visit our website at to view our current sales roles across the UK. If you see a suitable vacancy you can apply online or register your details to receive the latest opportunities via email.

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