Hunt for the Best Sales Recruitment Agency in London: What to Look for in Sales Recruitment Companie

Are you in need of additional sales staff and are you looking for the best sales recruitment agency in London that will not waste your time and money by providing you with the best candidates for the jobs? If that’s the case, you should know the factors that you should consider so you can find the right pick from among your prospects of sales recruitment companies:


The sales recruitment firm should boast of industry specific expertise.


The sales recruitment companies that are in your list should follow a hiring process that is not very general – their expertise should be industry specific. They should have a solid insight of your business and the industry that you belong with. If not, they will only end up struggling to find the appropriate job applicants for you – or they will flood you with candidates whose profiles are nowhere near your requirements.


The sales recruitment agency London should share your vision.


What is your company vision? You should be clear about this thus when you screen the profiles of a number of recruitment agencies specializing in sales, you can confirm if they share the same vision as your organization. This is very important so they will understand your passion, your goals, and more important, the path that you want the company to take – and so they find sales people who also have the same dreams or goals as you are.


Inquire about the employee retention rate of each of the sales recruitment agencies you have in mind.


Sales recruitment companies can say that they were able to fill 100% of vacancies of their clients – but how long do these workers stayed in the organizations they were hired for? Ask for their employee retention rates. They should not only provide you with a specific percentage (because anyone can claim that their employee retention rate is 90%). They should at least give you a clearer data, such as name of companies (if possible), positions (such as digital sales jobs), and length of stay.


The sales recruitment companies must follow a thorough screening process.


The job of the recruitment agencies specializing in sales is not to give you CVs of the job applicants, but to screen and make sure that they are a perfect fit for your company before you meet them. For instance, you do not want to waste your time looking through the summary of qualifications and work experiences of the individuals seeking digital sales jobs. You should hire the sales recruitment company that can do this task for you. When you meet job aspirants, they should already be pre-screened thus are qualified and are deserving of being in a final interview with you.


You should also check if these sales recruitment companies are registered under the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). You should also gauge if they understand the existing employment law and ethical standards. From all of these factors, you should be able to identify the best sales recruitment agency London that can help you hire the most qualified and highly retainable talents.